Tugra Online

Many twins have a built in competitive nature as well as the ability to compromise and develop amazing creations. It is said that some twins actually have their own languages and a built in sense of intuition when it comes to understanding each other. In this case, it is evident that these two brothers have brought out the best in each other and have been able to tackle many difficulties and life transitions in order to build their enterprise.

James and Freddy Allan of Liverpool, England began their marketing career in 1998 when they graduated from business school. They decided to go into business together after several successful projects over the course of their lives. Their love of casinos and the excitement around gambling was one of their shared passions and when the internet took off in the 1990’s they had the insight to take the risk to begin working feverishly at their lifelong dream of becoming millionaires. Tugra began as a hobby in its infancy and the brothers met daily to work on the graphics and to develop ways to reach online casino gaming sites that offer an Indian casino guide, free spin no deposit bonuses at BGO Casino, Casumo casino and the Dutch nieuwste gratis gokkasten online and online ideal gokkasten to offer their ideas and expertise. Bitcoin games were among the most popular and exciting to the brothers, along with online casino spiele as online poker and the popular slot game Book of Dead online. Moreover, they have also doen a marketing collaboration with a trading company called avatrade, for more information click here.

Their past experiences working together has brought them much success and allowed them to increase their knowledge base as marketing kings. They have created their business from the ground up – so to speak – and their excitement for technology and reaching a worldwide audience has fueled their plans for competitive gaming sites. They have traveled world wide as well to visit many countries and casinos to research the different cultures and the products available. Among their favorite spots is Las Vegas, Nevada in the States and Thailand! Their visit to Thailand has enriched their knowledge regarding many products like กติกาไฮโล ไทย which basically means Hi Lo a very popular casino game in Thailand. Besides that they discovered what the best gambling site is or as they call it in their country เว็บพนันที่ดีที่สุด, namely, Online Casino Embassy which is a pretty cool site indeed.

In business school they created several marketing plans that included the use of the internet to increase the marketability of their company ideas, but they never believed that they would be able to make a living from home as they do now. The internet has breathed a new flame into the business world and the popularity and development of new internet connections all over the planet gives them the hope that there is an unlimited way to create new markets and increase their wealth.

Computers and technology always inspired the two since they first were given a Texas Instrument computer in grade school. They mastered the first video games and developed several of their own learning ways to write code and manipulate the colors, sounds and graphics available on the early machines. They had a healthy competitive and collaborative relationship from the beginning. They also spent many summers together building up their resumes with homegrown businesses from their first lemonade stand to their first marketing plan assisting companies to get their name out and the dollars rolling in.

Their family was skeptical first of the two’s plans, but as they saw that their ideas were catching on and then when the profits began trickling in they put their support and financial backing behind the brothers. They first began a print marketing company developing items as simple as a business card and flyers to full page ads and eventually websites. They aspired to becoming entrepreneurs and had the innate ability to charm their customers and their financiers. They decided to get a formal education to increase their knowledge base in order to increase their own marketability and won several awards as they continued through University. Many of their professors loved working with the pair and several of them have continued their assistance as they have moved into internet marketing.

The two have the talent to grasp technological developments as they are available and to integrate them into their business skills set. They have spent the last twenty years now working with online gaming sites and have made their way through the sea of competitors. Their intelligence and inspiration seems to come from an infinite source of energy and they have been able to give their customers their unending loyalty and first rate services to assist in creating even more success, ideas and wealth. They have spent a lifetime creating their brand and now teach others how to do the same.