About Tugra Online

Tugra Online has over 1000 customer service and marketing professionals working together as a team across The UK. There are representatives available 24/7 to work through your queries and concerns. James and Freddy Allan work closely with the developers to maintain the integrity and the vision of the company. They have been able to break into the global market and continue to grow and create new systems for their customers.

The company was started in 1998 by James and Freddy Allan after they graduated from business school. The two brothers were able to take their educational background and expertise to create a dynamic company that caters to the gaming community world wide.

For the first six months of the company, it was just the two brothers, then they brought on a small team to assist them in the growth of the business. The first of the team to be hired is Christina Woods. She works as the team’s administrator and human resources director. There is a large team of recruiters that specifically locate new and upcoming talents to collaborate with as well as create new connections in the gaming community. There is Tugra Online Development and Product Assessment Team, the Marketing and Sales Team and then the Co-Founders, James and Freddy Allan. There are also the vital team of support staff and customer service professionals that help deliver the products and services that Tugra Online offers.

In the first five years of the company there was consistently growing profit giving it the ability to focus on special talents throughout the UK. The company then opened up their doors to the world wide gaming community and their profits multiplied. With each year, the growth of new talent becomes more important to stay future and goal oriented. Tugra Online is a certified employer and gaming site and has a cutting edge Technology Team that maintains the backdrop of the company and strives to investigate and locate the most current equipment and programs. The gaming aspect of the company allows their Graphic and Video Development Team to create the most cutting edge digital programming that is available.

Tugra Online is committed to growing the diverse populations on all sides. Tugra Online prides itself in creating new markets world wide. This growth allows for communication and cultural differences and stimulates the need for understanding new countries and their habits and customs as well as language and history. Their presence and exciting future in the gaming world continues to expand in all arenas. There is a great amount of untapped talent that needs to be discovered and Tugra Online is a top Fortune 500 Company that delivers and exquisite product through their employees, community representatives and executive staff.

Tugra Online has a vision of a multicultural, international gaming community with a spark for having a fantastic time through interacting with other gamers individually and in tournaments as well. Tugra Online has been named Company of the Year for three years in a row and has a strong commitment to the integrity of their business and to the loyalty of their community and customers. Tugra Online has a mission to make money for their stakeholders, partners and customers. The bottom line through the best available team members is the goal and to grow as well as to create new avenues worldwide.

Tugra Online has an intimate side as well and being a company that is led by two brothers and several members of their family as well as close friends gives the company a spirit of loyalty and pride. Tugra Online is a leader in the gaming community and enjoys challenges and creating exciting connections.