Avatrade Marketing Collaboration

The main service of Tugra Online is implementing a clear SEO in to the websites of our clients. We’ve noticed that a lot of businesses never had to deal with the Search Engine Optimization before. This is shown by the way their websites are build up and the way the content has been written. During our meeting with potential clients, we first talk about the current situation of their website. It often happens that the client already knows what needs to be changed and on a frequent basis they will tell this during the first meeting. After the meeting, Tugra Online will take a deeper look into the website and the social media platforms.

In this part of the process it is necessary that we focus more on the things that need to be updated. This research can take some time, especially when the website is really outdated. Together with a group of online marketing experts, we take a look at many SEO aspects and the chances that needs to be done. All of our findings will eventually be reported in a document, which will be handed out to our client. In this report they will find statistics, bullet points and remarks about their current website and the estimated costs. It is important that we have noted all of the activities in this report in order to let our client understand the situation. After handing out the statistics, we immediately set up a meeting as a follow up.

Tugra Online has done a lot of projects like this. Still, there are many websites online who could use our help. We have an extremely interesting portfolio when it comes to clients and over the months it will only expand. A lot of clients of Tugra Online are operating in the cryptocurrency industry and are looking for an out of the box marketing agency. Because of our experience in the cryptocurrency, Tugra Online can be called as one of the biggest marketing agency who is specialized in the market. We have excellent collaborations with clients like Avatrade and we would like to keep it that way. This company is refreshing and likes to try out new things, just like we do and that is very challenging.

Are you looking for a creative online marketing agency which has also an eye for detail? Would you like to work with a company who is willing to do anything for their clients? Are you a company who can relate to others, for example Avatrade? Do you like to think outside the box and are you looking for an agency with a similar mindset? Then you have come to the right place. When it comes to online marketing, Tugra Online always got you covered. We provide marketing services such as SEO, website development, social media activities, viral marketing and so much more! Our team of marketing professionals would be happy to work with you. Please get in touch with Tugra Online and give us a call or swing by at our office.